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We understand the significant reasons to laminate like no one else - protect, enhance, preserve, brighten colours, keep creases and wrinkles, and reduce glare. Decades of experience in the industry gives usconsiderable edge and advantages.

The lamination process at United Brothers gives you the perfect solution for preserving photos, artwork, documents, print materials, Trade Stands, Posters, Menus, ID Cards, certificates, vision/mission/quality boards… and the list goes on.

We specialize in both economical thermal films for plain printed pieces and UV Premium grade films for high quality digital output.We have been providing a wide range of lamination technology, be it Thermal Lamination, Encapsulation Lamination, Cold Lamination.To a diverse and loyal customer base, meeting their expectation in quality, price and service.

At United Brothers, quality is woven into every process till the final product is delivered to the customer. Extremely high quality lamination materials imported directly from market leaders are used for matt/gloss/silky matt/canvas finishes in different thicknesses levels.